scammers just scammers, i’ve stressed over my situation so much with payday loans in Montana this ongoing company, they owe me wages. their employees talk as in regards to credit just a complete disgrace to the credit and entrepreneur community if I or we owe them something typical con artist don’t take the time to train his employees or even educate them. they usually have absolutely nothing to provide but information that is misleading.

i am Angela Williams in We have…

I am Angela Williams in i’ve been viewing wholesale trade lines for approximately 7 months. Through the plain things Mike singles had to express I happened to be really impressed along with their videos. I believe the 2nd to buy a tradeline as well as get the elite credit repair so I decided in January. I happened to be told by John this is the individual from the phone that i ought to experience a post for my personal line of credit on February the 15 . At the time of yet we still never see such a thing to my report. Going ahead we’m maybe maybe not enthusiastic about either solution due to the not enough interaction with this specific business. Scam or otherwise not it was soooooo unprofessional to put industrious people thats wanting to better by themselves and obtain one step further in life by repairing there credit. i took down that loan because in my opinion in this provider would assist me alone my economic journey. I’m really harmed plus in even even worse form now just because I happened to be interested in assistance. In your hearts to Communication with the people that has paid there money and give ous a choice if we want the service or a refund if you read this Mike I would appreciate if you guys would find it.


This type of person SCAMMERS AND CROOKS. Karma is hope they have whatever they deserve . We beg everybody else usually do not follow these people and fall for any adventures that are new have actually in plan. We bought for a Inquiry elimination and so they made me personally by way of a tradeline to possess they inquiry treatment process. Well now they shut doorways and took my cash . DONT FALL FOR their SCAMS AVOID WHATEVER HE GOT PLANNED THEN.

watch out for this business and their founders!!

We purchased the elite program I have yet to receive anything from them from them for $3,200 and! And from now on they’re closing down won’t answer calls or return support admission inquiries. Supposedly they’re likely to launch some ventures that are new. In my opinion the shady company methods continues to follow them in their brand new ventures unless they wind up along with their current customers to make certain that everyone is delighted, so that they can have outstanding brand new beginnings anywhere they’re going and whatever they’re likely to be doing. In my opinion the shady company techniques continues to follow them within their brand brand new ventures so they can have a great new beginnings wherever they’re going and whatever they’re going to be doing unless they finish up with all their current clients so that everybody is happy

All I’ve asked for is interaction! I happened to be constantly impressed aided by the videos and all sorts of other info on the item and now I’m just completely disappointed on it’s so frustrating that they can’t even communicate to let me know what’s going.

I will be now believing that the corporation along side its founders or con artist We have delivered these folks times that are multiple and help seats email messages and no one has yet to respond! I understand they’re already closing straight down but wherever they’re going i really hope that the truth follows immediately after him and no body continues to work with them.

i am composing this post to express that…

I am composing this post to state that Wholesale tradelines additionally took my cash and I also have already been waiting around for a tradeline that never posted. We published a few help solution , that did absolutely nothing in my situation , today We had written another admission I going too see if I have an answer out of this

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