Sander Solutions.Three suggested gear grinders for lots more effective knife making

The portable choice; the workhorse; the all-rounder.

Plus: 2-inch vs 1-inch belt sanders.

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You’ll find nothing imaginable that is manlier than blade smithing. Forging your knife that is own from of steel and wood is really a rite of passage into manhood in certain countries. The procedure is one thing males can tell tales planning to their children.

Dependable and duty that is heavy grinders are really a must-have into the creative realm of knife generating. Purchasing a dependable gear grinder for consistent production could be the distinction between a garbage knife and a product that is beautiful.

It really is standard to locate an adequate-sized gear and a matching disk sander to generally meet the requirements of your end blade sizes and materials you might be grinding. The belt that is perfect may also provide for sharpening other tools, such as for example axes, circular saw blades, and farming trowels. This article dives into a few of the highest-quality belt grinders for blade creating.


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There are lots of kinds of professional-grade belt grinders. Most blade manufacturers in the usa form by having a belt grinder rather than expending hours at a collection to their workbench of hand files. Nowadays, the places that are only will see filing blade smiths are boutique custom stores and people trying to return to older origins.

Most standard belt configurations stick to the 2” by 72” gear size. This size is the reason over 90 % of gear machines that are grinding in united states. Typical grinding devices consist of:

The Burr King 972 Knife Maker Belt Grinder

Wilton Square Wheel Belt Grinder

The Hardcore Grinder Knife Belt that is making Grinder

KMG-1 Knife Grinder

The Bader Bill Knife Making Belt Grinder

There are numerous other less bought blade grinders available on the market as well that work aswell, but might not be economical. A few of these less typical grinders include:

The Bob Dozier grinder

Grizzly brand name grinders

Also, newer choices have started to creep in to the market. Many of these range from the Riverside device, Wayne Coe’s gear grinder, The Pheer327 grinder, and also the TW90 model. These have started becoming more commonplace within the previous three to 5 years.


But why the overwhelming rise in popularity of the 2” by 72” grinding belt compared to many other grinder sizes? The clear answer is based on the commonality. As mentioned, over 90 per cent of most gear machines that are grinding the 2” by 72” belts. This will make them the most available and belt that is convenient available.

Also, size-based economy is yet another factor that is deciding. The price for the 2” by 72” gear is approximately 30 % greater than compared to a competing 1” by 42” belt that is grindingthe 2nd most common size discovered). That being the truth, a 2” by 72” grinding belt comes with 144 square inches of grinder surface area. Meanwhile, the 1” by 42” grinder has 42 square ins of grinding surface. Therefore over triple the top area for grinding for a 30 % increase in price.

Now, this does not mean that the 1” by 42” knife belt that is making really are a waste of income and time. Many knife that is professional have actually both choices for sale in their workshops. The 1” by 42” grinders work very well for information work and blade sharpening. So long as the client obtains a smaller sized gear grinder by having a top-quality work table and platen, and a powerful sufficient engine, the 1” by 42” should work fine.

The 2” by 72” is the far better choice for knife making tasks such as bevel grinding, profiling, and most initial knife development steps. Four times the task area, and much more motor power, equals faster knife creation aided by the exact same level of product ground.

You will find lots of choices for 2” by 72” knife belt that is making. Fewer dependable and well-reviewed choices occur for one-inch wide gear grinding options. That is why, we’ve discovered three hardcore, dependable alternatives for one-inch gear grinding. The 3 greatest ranked and a lot of recommended one-inch gear grinders for knife creating are:

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