Queen of Pentacles + 3 Pentacles. The 3 Pentacles is a card we usually have difficulty interpreting in specific contexts.

Hey all, I would personally like to possess some ideas away from you on those two cards, that we’ve drawn included in a 9 card spread.

Context: i have also been contacted without warning by a guy who had been a rather friend that is dear years whenever we had been younger (met in our very early 20s, both now inside our 40s). It had been maybe not a romantic/sexual relationship, but a great close relationship between two like-minded individuals which the two of us respected during the time. For reasons that I do not realize, because he never articulated them, he broke down our relationship about 8 years back. Several days ago he discovered me personally from the dread FB therefore we’ve been chatting usually – he appears happy to be straight back in contact, as am we, but obviously i will be wondering why he is abruptly around again in the end this time around. In the moment he is pleading amnesia as to the reasons he finished the relationship, plainly he is maybe not prepared or in a position to explore that (We have tried carefully probing needless to say, but try not to would you like to disturb him if he is perhaps not prepared to discuss it). Therefore I asked the cards to greatly help me determine what’s taking place.

In reaction to ‘So what does X a cure for from our connection now?’ We received the Queen of Pentacles.

In reaction to ‘So what does X require from me personally now within our relationship?’ We received the 3 Pentacles.

My interpretation: The Queen of Pentacles has sometimes turn out in readings to represent just how other individuals see me personally, and I also would concur with that according of this homey, caring/nurturing characteristics with this queen, her capability to assist individuals in practical means – I be seemingly ‘Mum’ during my band of buddies, and I also think they usually have all said at different times which they appreciate my good counsel, my heat and relaxed demeanour. We am really a homebody, and a female that has needed to work with every thing by herself. I will be regarded as constant and right down to earth and practical. (all of these rather conflicts with my personal view of myself as a raging inferno of self-doubt, insecurity and chaos that is general but there you go!)

My intuition is the fact that my old buddy is hoping that i will assist him for some reason, with one of these caring and nurturing qualities. Him now, I drew the 9 Swords, so it’s possible he’s experiencing some anguish or anxiety at the present time when I asked for a card to represent.

We view it as either helping, or being assisted, to produce one thing; there is certainly a necessity for folks to get results together to quickly attain one thing, some type or variety of development or furthering of some aim or procedure.

Overall, my interpretation is with some idea he is trying to manifest in the physical world that he wants me to help him. I’ve no idea what that could be at the minute, but do you consider which is a possible interpretation?

I will be searching through this deck and an estimate stood away, “You’ll want to stop dealing with relationships as opportunities.”

Performs this girl just get into relationships to have one thing from the jawhorse? But isn’t that just what all relationships are love? Seeking to get love?

Or is the Queen of Pentacles a lady just after love and never into offering?

interesting idea, and particularly as a reader that is visual i could see in which you would fully grasp this from that specific Queen of Pentacles in your housewives tarot.

I do not think We ever actually saw the QoP in this way–however, I actually do often see her as a person who is going for top level just.

If I’d this deck of yours and she came up in a reading about love, i possibly could see where if she had an option in two men–Man one being someone who undoubtedly really loves and worships the floor she walks on and would do every thing inside the capacity to make her delighted, but has work it doesn’t pay well or Man two, that is a very accomplished business man that has a fantastic job bringing him much popularity and fortune, she’d run into guy two’s hands when it comes to popularity and fortune first–and love second.

But, in my very own own readings with the decks we have actually, I have always simply heard of QoP as an individual who is confident and https://datingranking.net/tendermeets-review/ careful. Somebody who is well grounded and can do every thing she will for making certain this woman is ‘perfect’. As a wife, her house can be immaculately clean. As a mom, her young ones will usually have neat and ironed clothes, good meals which can be well planned and healthy and a snack that the child(ren) love. She shall do her far better make everybody else notice just how she attempts so very hard to cause you to comfortable, including you.

The QP likes the things that are finer life. For herself if she can, she provides them. (it would not be due to the energy, but due to the perks that are included with such a position. if she had been a CEO,) If she can not, she discovers a person who are able to offer them on her behalf. And so I can easily see where the managing relationships as opportunities remark originates from.

Another aspect into the QP that is not shown because of the Housewives card is the fact that she is extremely sensual (Pentacles additionally being concerning the physical human anatomy). She’d enjoy a roll that is good the hay. But then you’re messing with the wrong woman cause she needs someone with stamina if you’re a two minute lover.

It is funny just how various we all see things. In my opinion, the Pentacles Queen is a hippie mother. She is away in the farm feeding her kids homemade wheat bread with do-it-yourself peanut butter and do-it-yourself yogurt and she doesn’t care in the event that young ones get dirty—they’re designed to get just a little grubby become healthier.

Nevertheless now that other people are mentioning these alternative methods of seeing her, perhaps my image of her requirements to alter notably. I’ll need to offer it some idea.

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