Note: Starting in variation 2019.1.2, Tableau Prep has become called Tableau Prep Builder.

This title modification is always to differentiate it through the Tableau that is new Prep which runs on Tableau Server as an add-on. With all the launch of Conductor, the job you are doing in Prep Builder operating on your Tableau Desktop, can be conserved to perform in a centralized, scalable, and dependable host environment which means that your information is always as much as date and simple to generally share.

New features added in Prep Builder 2021.2.1

Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery prediction improvements in Tableau Prep Builder as well as on the internet

You start with Tableau Server variation 2021.2, it’s simple to bring forecast models built in Einstein Discovery straight into your Prep moves on line. Similar to in Tableau Prep Builder variation 2021.1.3, you are able to signal into Einstein Discovery, choose from implemented models, thereby applying them to your movement information.

You are no longer restricted to one server instance per flow if you need to access models on different Einstein Discovery servers. You can now sign into numerous Einstein Discovery servers to find the models you want both on Tableau Prep Builder as well as on the internet.

Hook up to important computer data

Connect with data making use of SharePoint Lists

In case the information arises from a list in Microsoft SharePoint, now you can hook up to this databases making use of the SharePoint Lists connector. To learn more about linking to your computer data supply applying this connector, see SharePoint Lists within the Tableau Desktop help.

Hook up to information sources such as user filters whenever authoring flows on line

Beginning in Tableau Server and Tableau on the web variation 2021.2, it’s simple to hook up to published information sources offering user filters or functions. Whenever you hook up to posted information sources such as user filters or functions, the posted repository access is authorized in line with the identification for the user finalized to the host, and just the information that an individual is permitted to see is returned.

To learn more about linking to published information sources, see Connect to posted information sources .

Clean your computer data

Rename areas in bulk

Utilize the Rename that is new Fields to quickly find and change, eliminate, include prefixes, or suffixes to numerous values at the same time.

In prior releases you needed to manually alter each industry title one at the same time. You will find the brand brand brand new Rename areas choice into the toolbar and a brand new pane starts helping you to choose the industries you wish to alter, thereby applying industry name alterations in bulk.

Substitute or eliminate text or put in a prefix or suffix to all the areas that match your search requirements in a single simply click. You may immediately use this change that is same brand brand new industries which are added as soon as your data is refreshed. Just choose the Automatically rename fields that are new package when coming up with your modifications.

To find out more, see Rename fields in bulk.

Save and Share your computer data

Write production in Bing BigQuery table format

You start with Tableau Server version 2021.2, you are able to decide to write builder that is prep by means of a Google BigQuery table, enabling Google BigQuery to see the info straight.

Added in Earlier Versions of Tableau Prep Builder

You may be thinking about knowing just exactly just what features had been included with Prep Builder in past months’ releases. Below is information in conclusion type with links to Product assist.

Features included in Tableau Prep Builder 2020.3.3

Install and Deploy Tableau Prep Builder

Immediately retrieve your movement after an accident

Tableau Prep Builder automatically saves your movement in the eventuality of a crash, the same as Tableau Desktop. The time that is next start the application form, a dialog is shown with a summary of the recovered flows from which to choose. You can easily start a flow that is recovered carry on for which you left down, or delete the recovered flow file if you do not require it. Restored flows are conserved in your flows that are recovered in your My Tableau Prep repository. This dialog will show each time you open Tableau Prep Builder if you will find draft flows conserved in your Recovered Flows folder.

This particular feature is enabled by standard, but can be switched off during or after install by an administrator. To learn more, see Save a movement.

Develop and Organize your Flow

Quicker on-boarding for new users

Now once you connect with a repository and drag it on the workplace, Tableau Prep Builder demonstrates to you where your next step that is cleaning be added by showing an imaginary Clean action close to your Input step. Just click regarding the suggested step that is clean it really is added within one simply click, assisting you to begin to see the information on your computer data in order to begin examining and cleansing your computer data straight away.

Group actions

Utilize the brand new Group choice whenever organizing your movement to pick a couple of connected actions and collapse them into a folder. With this specific feature that is new big complex flows become better to navigate, examine, and share with other people. In place of needing to comprehend a flow that is entire other users can concentrate on just the selection of actions that relate in their mind.

You are able to replace the colour of the group, put in a description, content and paste the band of actions to many other aspects of your movement, or conserve the grouped steps up to a file or your server to reuse them various other flows. Merely choose the group of actions that you would like to cluster and choose Group through the menu.

The chosen actions are collapsed right into a folder that you could name. You could add more actions to your team or remove actions through the team whenever you want, nevertheless, only steps which can be straight attached to one another with a movement line may be within the group that is same. Click on the dual arrow to expand or collapse the team whenever you want.

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