Loan terms.Principal and Interest payment per month Amount: $65,109.69

Involuntary Prepayment Throughout The Lockout Period . The prepayment is made on a date other than a Scheduled Payment Date, a sum equal to the amount of interest which would have accrued under this Note on the amount of such prepayment if such prepayment had occurred on the next Scheduled Payment Date), pay to Lender a prepayment premium in an amount calculated in accordance with this Section 5(c) during the Lockout Period, in the event of any involuntary prepayment of the Loan or any other amount under this Note, whether in whole or in part, in connection with or following Lenders acceleration of this Note or otherwise, and whether the Mortgage is satisfied or released by foreclosure (whether by power of sale or judicial proceeding), deed in lieu of foreclosure or by any other means, including, without limitation, repayment of the Loan by Borrower or any other Person pursuant to any statutory or common law right of redemption, Borrower shall, in addition to any portion of the principal balance of the Loan prepaid (together with all interest accrued and unpaid thereon and in the event. Such prepayment premium will probably be in a sum corresponding to the higher of:

1% of this part of the mortgage being prepaid; or

the merchandise obtained by multiplying:

the part of the mortgage being prepaid, times;

the real difference obtained by subtracting (we) the Yield Rate from (II) the Note speed, times;

the current value factor determined with the formula that is following

the sheer number of years and any fraction thereof, remaining involving the date the prepayment is manufactured and also the Maturity Date of the Note.

As used herein, Yield price means the yield rate for the 4.25% U.S. Treasury protection August that is due 15 2013, as reported into the Wall Street Journal on the 5th Business Day preceding the Prepayment Calculation Date. If the Yield price just isn’t published for such U.S. Treasury protection, then your Yield price online payday loans Louisiana shall suggest the yield rate when it comes to nearest comparable U.S. Treasury Security (as selected at Lenders single and absolute discernment) as reported within the Wall Street Journal regarding the fifth working day preceding the Prepayment Calculation Date. If the book of these Yield Rate when you look at the Wall Street Journal is discontinued, Lender shall determine such Yield price from another supply selected by Lender in Lenders sole and absolute discretion. The Prepayment Calculation Date shall mean, as relevant, the date by which (i) Lender is applicable any partial prepayment to your reduced amount of the outstanding principal number of this Note, (ii) Lender accelerates the mortgage, when it comes to a prepayment caused by acceleration, or (iii) Lender applies funds held under any Reserve Account, when it comes to a prepayment resulting from such an application (apart from associated with acceleration regarding the Loan).

Insurance Profits and Awards; Extra Interest . Notwithstanding any other provision herein to the contrary, and provided no Default exists, Borrower shall never be necessary to pay any prepayment premium associated with any prepayment occurring solely as a consequence of (i) the use of Insurance Proceeds or honors pursuant to your terms for the Loan Documents, or (ii) the effective use of any fascination with more than the maximum rate permitted by applicable law towards the reduced amount of the mortgage.

Following the Lockout Period . Commencing regarding the time following the termination regarding the Lockout Period, and upon offering Lender at the least sixty (60) days ( not a lot more than ninety (90) times) prior written notice, Borrower may voluntarily prepay (without premium) this Note in whole ( not in part) on a Scheduled Payment Date. Lender shall accept a prepayment pursuant to the area 5(e) on per day other than a payment that is scheduled provided, along with re payment of this full outstanding major balance with this Note, Borrower will pay to Lender a sum equal to the quantity of interest which will have accrued about this Note if such prepayment took place from the next Scheduled Payment Date.

Limitation on Partial Prepayments . In no event shall Lender have any obligation to simply accept a prepayment that is partial.


This Note is guaranteed by the Mortgage together with other Loan Documents. Most of the terms, covenants and conditions contained in the Loan Agreement, the Mortgage plus the other Loan Documents are hereby made section of this Note into the exact same level and with the exact same force as though these were completely established herein.


This Note is subject to the express condition that at almost no time shall Borrower be obligated or required to pay interest in the principal stability for the Loan at a level that could matter Lender to either civil or unlawful obligation because of being more than the utmost nonusurious interest, if any, that whenever you want or every so often could be contracted for, taken, reserved, charged or gotten from the indebtedness evidenced by this Note and also as supplied for herein or in the other Loan Documents, underneath the rules of these state or states whose rules take place by any court of competent jurisdiction to govern the attention rate conditions associated with Loan (such rate, the Maximum Legal Rate ). If, by the terms of this Note or even the other Loan papers, Borrower are at any moment required or obligated to pay for interest in the major balance due hereunder at a level more than the utmost Legal Rate, the Note Rate or perhaps the Default speed, because the situation could be, will be considered to be straight away reduced to your optimum Legal Rate and all sorts of previous payments in excess of the Maximum Legal Rate will be considered to own been payments in decrease in principal and never on account of the attention due hereunder. All amounts paid or decided to be paid to Lender for the utilization, forbearance, or detention for the sums due underneath the Loan, shall, towards the level permitted by applicable legislation, be amortized, prorated, allocated, and spread through the complete stated term associated with the Loan until payment in full so that the price or level of interest because of the Loan will not surpass the utmost Legal interest rate every once in awhile in place and applicable towards the Loan for provided that the mortgage is outstanding.


If any principal or interest payment just isn’t compensated by Borrower prior to the tenth (10th) day after the date the exact same is born (or such greater period, if any, required by applicable law), Borrower shall spend to Lender upon need a sum add up to the lesser of four % (4%) of these unpaid sum or perhaps the maximum amount permitted by relevant law in order to defray the cost incurred by Lender in managing and processing such delinquent repayment and also to compensate Lender for the loss in the employment of such delinquent payment. Any amount that is such be guaranteed by the Mortgage as well as the other Loan papers towards the extent allowed by relevant legislation.

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