I will be anxiously waiting for the that I can drop Spectrum for good day. We think i am going using the Gigabit level if I get separate.

Or 300/300 in the event that partner does not accept of YoutubeTV and causes myself back into TV that is traditional.

I am always on Charter / Spectrum’s promo price because every 11 months they are called by me and let them know to lessen the purchase price or We go. This i got bumped to 100 Mb/s, then 200 Mb/s and had the rate lowered all within 3 months and 3 phone calls year.

Anyway, the installer turned up (late) and immediately asked if I wanted one of their routers or lowell chicas escort to use my own today. We stated “I would love to make use of my very own.” and then he stated “I would personally too.” He performed the install and everything moved peachy.

Therefore during my instance, if you may get the product sales visitors to compose a purchase without their particular router, the installer does not care.

In terms of the pre-work (trenching, etc), it had been only a little absurd.* We’d a few telephone calls (pre and post) permitting us realize that TDS individuals could be dealing with

lawn.* We’d at the very least 4 events where individuals turned up at

entry way stating that in the second 7-10 times TDS could be coming through and did we’ve any queries.* I experienced a few sales agents contact myself despite the fact that We’d formerly put an purchase (even though it ended up being non-standard as it don’t have the router, therefore possibly it seemed incomplete to whomever had been following up).* I experienced all of them let me know the install ended up being likely to be sometime in October and I also stated “really, there have been two dudes right here yesterday (during the early August) just who put dietary fiber in my own backyard. The reaction immediately went along to “uh. It had been initially allowed to be October, you’re in chance! It got moved as much as September.” to that I responded “it ended up being initially allowed to be in April, then July, then August now September. I’m happy alright.” (i possibly couldn’t assist myself.).

So, try not to just just take any actual or product sales task they are doing as an indication as to once theyare going to do the install. They’re going to do the install if they’re great and prepared.

Did your happen that is install with very very own router? In that case, what had been your outcomes?

I am attempting to make use of my personal router (ASUS RT‑AC86U), and achieving a heck of a period getting decent overall performance. Needless to say, the installer suggested switching to a single associated with TDS routers, that allows TDS to deliver assistance, but I would much instead keep consitently the great router that I already purchased as opposed to spending a month-to-month cost to TDS because of their gear. It really is adequate to (very nearly) make myself like to simply change back again to Charter.

That is as to what you’re gonna get using them. Their particular rates are somewhat beneath the provisioned rates. straight Back whenever I had 100 megs, we never ever got above 95-96. I cannot speak for Charter, but Comcast over-provisions by about 10%. TDS won’t accomplish that.

That Asus router should certainly deal with 300. I have made use of an AC66U on my connection that is gig and are capable of it. it seems like guess what happens you are doing but make certain QoS is down. Additionally because you’re in Wisconsin, decide to try rate tests to Chicago. Chicago, Atlanta, and someplace in Virginia are a few of TDS’ big peering places.

QoS is down. With Charter 200, i obtained 250 (often 260), but upload ended up being only 10. Therefore, i am a little much better on d/l, but dramatically much much better on upload (whether or not it is not even 2/3 of “up to” speed).

TDS will be either the exact same at an improved cost or we’ll get back to Charter. It’s amazing what a small competitors in the location can perform!

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