Amongst the athletic techniques, the moans of ecstasy, in addition to excitement of the climactic finish, the Olympics are only like intercourse, actually

Our unique Sochi version associated with Cosmo Kama Sutra would make Bob Costas blush, nonetheless it’ll supply you with the play-by-play on the best way to be some sort of champ intercourse device.

1. The Bawdy BobsledTwo terms: intimate sleigh

Get man take a nap during sex (icy cool sheets optional), and slip into reverse cowgirl. Then have actually him sit up, settle into saucy place, allow his hands roam over your breasts and clitoris . and revel in the trip! It is not a real battle, so differ up the speed that is thrusting quick and deep to shallow and slow . before the action leads to a blaze of orgasmic glory. 10 away from 10!

2. The Heavenly SpiralThe grail that is holy of figure-skating moves? The Death Spiral, a spin that is freaky the guy skater tosses his partner around because of the feet. Lie in the sleep facing straight down together with your legs hanging from the relative part while he appears behind you. Then have actually him enter from behind while he holds your feet at their sides, with VIP use of your G-spot. For the dual (Axel) O, reach down and stroke your clitoris. All O, no concussion? Therefore the audience goes crazy.

3. The Long PoleYou’re designed to dodge those pesky path markers during downhill skiing, however in the Cosmo variation, contact with big poles is strongly motivated. Maintain your feet together (savvy skier design, natch), and carry them directly into the atmosphere. Then get guy kneel prior to you, and place your legs over one of is own arms while he leans ahead going to your G-spot. Skiing is just a downhill sport, however you’re about to go up, up, and away .

4. The O-lympic VillageWe choose to imagine the athletes learning this throughout the notorious after-dark f*ckfest that is Olympian housing. Lie in your straight back and position your entire body upward, as you were going to perform a backbend. Then have actually him kneel (and thrust) between your legs. Since your mind’s below your heart, you should have a head-rush orgasm that is intense. In which he gets a thigh workout that is vigorous. You are formally champions of coitus.

5. Siberian Husky–StyleThe Russian twist on doggie!

Hop into Balto (that is a famous Siberian husky) position, and possess your man opt for creative-difficulty points: Ask him to stroke your clitoris while going their sides in sectors inside you — so much more conducive to your award-winning orgasm as compared to standard impulse that is in-and-out. Now get forth and mush .

6. The Sex-Goddess Ski Jump1. Have a traveling jump. 2. Land on his penis. 3. Win a silver medal! Have actually him push you up against a wall surface and grab you round the butt. Now leap up into their hands as if you’re soaring down a Sochi bluff, secure your legs around his waistline, hold on tight to their arms for leverage, and acquire busy. Little-known Newton legislation of movement: up-against-a-wall intercourse is maybe not not hot.

7. The Luge of LoveGrinding together with each other while the two of you hit to your finish? The luge is simply intercourse on ice. Have actually him lie flat, then saucily slip your system together with their, aligning your heads so the two of you are dealing with the roof in a lusty luge. Have him thrust gradually inside and out of you while you control the rate of the two-person sled by raising your sides down and up. Everyone’s horizontal and getting theirs — completely perfect if you are rivals into the 2014 Lazy Olympics.

8. The Sensual SnowboarderMount your guy and rock their half-pipe (the description that is less-graceful of move: routine against homeboy’s inner thigh). With your feet planted on the ground while he lies on the bed, hop on top and straddle him. Then twist your torso and sides somewhat away from him to rub your clitoris against their thigh while he moves inside you. The thrill of snowboarding minus the imminent risk of careering off a cliff that is snowy? Everyone wins!

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